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Creating SCSM 2012 reports using PerformancePoint

Author by Duncan Lindquist

The first thing you are going to need to do is configure the PerformancePoint Service and BI site to run on the web application hosting your reports. You can follow this blog to configure performance point. For this example I will be creating my reports to display on the Service Manager web portal. To do this I created my Business Intelligence site on the same web application as the Service Manager Portal at the URL http:///reports. Now that you have your Business Intelligence site created go to the main page. On the main page click on Data Connections link in the quick navigation.   On the data connections page click the documents tab in the ribbon. From the ribbon select new document then PerformancePoint Data Source. This will open the Dashboard Designer.   Next you will be asked to select a Data Source Template. Select Analysis Services.   Next you will be asked to enter the information for your data connection. In the server field select the SQL server that has your analysis services databases. In the database section select the DWASDatabase. Next in the cube section select the cube you want to use. For this blog I will select the work items cube since I am going to be creating some reports around incidents. Nest click the test data source button and make sure you get the connection successful. Then save and close dashboard designer.   Now that we have our data connection we need to select the list where we will be storing our reports. To do this click the Add Lists button in the ribbon. Next select your Business Intelligence site then select the PerformancePoint Content list.   Next right click on the PerformancePoint Content list select new then report.   On the next page you will be asked to select a template for this example lets select Analytic Grid. Now you can easily create a grid creating the information you want by dragging the measures and dimensions into the rows and columns. In the example below I created a report showing SLO status based off of incident classification. After you have created the report you can easily change its type by right clicking on the chart and selecting a new report type. In the example below I have change my grid into a pie chart. Now we need to create a new page on our Service Manager portal to display the reports. To do this go to your Service Manager main page and select site actions in the top left corner. Next click new page select a name for your page and click create. Now we need to add some PerformancePoint web parts to add the reports to your page. On your new page  click site actions then edit page. Next click the insert tab on the ribbon and select web part. Now click the PerformancePoint folder in the Categories menu the select PerformancePoint Report and click add. Now click the “Click here to open the tool pane” link in your new web part. On the tool pain select grid next to the location box and go to your Business Intelligence site and select the report that we just created. You may get the following error. To fix this error click the grid next to location again and select your report copy the text from location URL and past it into the location box. You will now see the report on your page. The next step is to get the page into the quick navigation from your portal site to do this go to your portal page and select site actions site settings in the top left corner. In the site actions page select navigation under the Look and Feel section. Scroll down to the Navigation editing and sorting selection. Now click on the home folder click add link add the title for your page (this will show on the quick navigation bar) then put in the URL of the new page we just created. Now if you go back to your Service Manager main page you will see your new site in the quick navigation. If you click on the site in the quick nave you will now be on your page with your newly created reports!  

Duncan Lindquist

Service Management & Automation Solution Lead