Creating and Using Schedules in Orchestrator

Author by Duncan Lindquist

Schedules are important in Orchestrator the give you the ability to start you Runbooks at specific dates and times. The first thing you need to do to create your schedule is open up Runbook designer. Open the global settings folder on the left hand navigation then right click on the schedules folder and select new > schedule. On the General Tab enter a name for your schedule along with a short description. Then click on the details tab. The details tab allows you to set how often the scheduled task will run. First pick the days of the week you want your schedule to run followed by what week of the month you want them to run on. If you click the hours… button make sure that the days you selected are filled in blue. These are the hours that your Runbook will be allowed to run. Now that you have your schedule you will need to use it to start your run book. To do this we need to create the two activities to use the in the runbook. We will do this by first setting a monitor date/time activity that will kick off a Check Schedule activity daily during the time that we select. The Check schedule activity will then check the date and time and run the Runbook  if the current date time is in the schedule. So to start open your Runbook and select the Monitor Date/Time activity from the Scheduling tab. Open the Monitor Date/time activity and set the time for the time during the scheduled days that you want the Runbook to run. If you want your Runbook to run more than one time during the day use the every button to select how often. Now grab the Check Schedule activity and pull it into your Runbook and link it with you Monitor Date/Time activity. Now open you Check Schedule activity click the browse button and select the Schedule that you created click ok then finish. Now continue on and finish the rest of your run book and once you are finished check it back in. Now the last thing you need to do to get your Runbook going is start it. You can do this by opening your Orchestration Console selecting your Runbook and clicking Start Runbook. You now have a Runbook that is running on a scedule!  


Duncan Lindquist

Service Management & Automation Solution Lead