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Configuring the PerformancePoint Service in SharePoint 2010

Author by Duncan Lindquist

PerformancePoint is a SharePoint 2010 enterprise feature that provides a unique set of tools that will help you build interactive dashboards to analyze data. In this blog I will go through how configure the performance point service in SharePoint 2010. The first step is to go to central administration and make sure the PerformancePoint Service and State Service are started. Next go to manage service applications in the web application section. On the manage service applications page click the new button in the top right had corner and select Secure Store Service.   On the creation form enter a name for your Secure Store Service in the name field. In the database section put the name of your SQL server and choose a name for your database. In the failover box put the name of your SQL mirror if you are using mirroring.     On the second part of the form in the Application Pool section create a new Application pool. I prefer to give my application pools the same name as the service application. Next choose a service account you to run the service and click ok.   Once the Secure Store Service is created click the manage button in the ribbon.  On the management page click Generate New Key. You will be prompted with another form here enter a passphrase and write it down. Now go back to the manage service applications page click the new button in the top right hand corner and select PerformancePoint Service Application. On the first part of the form enter a name for your service. Next enter a database server and database  name for your PerformancePoint Service Application. On the second part of the form enter a failover database server if you are using SQL mirroring. Next enter an application pool name I recommend naming it the same as your service application. Lastly enter an account that will run the service. No click on your new PerformancePoint Service Application and click manage in the ribbon. On the manage page select the PerformancePoint Service Application Settings. Look for the Secure Store and Unattended Service Account section and enter the account with access to the data sources you will be using. Next you will need to go to the web application where you are going to be running performance point and select site actions from the top left corner then site settings. Now go to Site Collection Administration and select Site collection features. In the site collection features screen you will need to activate two features. The SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure and the Performance Point Services Site Collection Features. Now it is time create your Business Intelligence Center in SharePoint. Go back to the main page of central admin and select create site collection under application management. In the Web Application area select the web application where you would like to use performance point. Next add the title and description for your business intelligence center. On the template selection sections click the Enterprise tab and select business intelligence center. Next enter your site collection admins and click ok. Once you click ok you are done and ready to use your Business Intelligence Center!    

Duncan Lindquist

Service Management & Automation Solution Lead