Configuring The FAST Non-Admin Node

Author by Duncan Lindquist

1. Log onto your FAST non-admin node as your search account. 2. From the start menu right click on the Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint Configuration Wizard and select run as administrator. 3. On the welcome page click next.  Then select the Non-Admin Server and click next 4. On the next window you will be asked for your search account information. Make sure you type it as domainusername. This account must be a domain account. 5. The next window will ask you for a certificate password.  Use the password that we assigned when creating the admin node. 6. On the Server Settings page enter the fully qualified domain name of the non-admin server in the server name. In the admin server name field add the fully qualified domain name of the admin server. In the admin base port enter the base port we added on the admin server, if you left it as default it will be 13000. Make sure you enter the server names exactly as you entered them in the deployment.xml file. 7. On the next screen click configure. When you see the screen below click finish then restart your non-admin node. 8. Once the server restarts, open the FAST search management console as the administrator and run the command: nctrl status. Once we have verified all services are running we are ready to configure the Search SSA's. Go back to Index

Duncan Lindquist

Service Management & Automation Solution Lead