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Bringing Azure to Your Data Center

Author by Matt Boudro

One of the most exciting announcements during the Microsoft Ignite Keynote was Azure Stack, a brand new plaform that brings the functionality of Azure into your on premises data center. This platform brings an unprecedented ability for organizations to leverage the power and capabilities of the Azure public cloud with a single pane of glass for management, monitoring and automation of IT service offerings. In the breakout session, we had a great opportunity to understand some of the features and functionality in Windows Server 2016 that help bring Azure to your datacenter, including:
  • Focus on Software-Defined Networking - SDN in both on premises and Azure infrastructures provides seamless integration between the two platforms.
  • Significant investments in security, adding new functionality:
    • Granular access and usage control
    • Just in time administration
    • Just enough administration
    • Hardware rooted security
    • Shielded virtual machines
    • Guardian service
    • Cloud-based security analytics
    • Antimalware in every server installation
  • Azure-consistent APIs - allowing automation and control of services in a consistent manner
  • Azure Resource Manager - providing application-consistent delivery and control platforms across both private and public clouds
  • Operations Management Suite - providing a single pane of glass management, automation and analytics platform with support for heterogeneous environments
This is just the beginning of Microsoft's plans for both Azure and the Windows Server platform. There's a lot more information coming, so stay tuned!

Matt Boudro

Senior Systems Engineer