Azure RMS Portal

Author by Kim Claditis

As Microsoft Ignite approaches I am starting to see more and more EMS features starting to light up and today it looks like Microsoft has posted a video about it on Channel9.

Channel 9: Rights Management Portal

Recently Shannon Fritz (@MrsHannonFritz) and I have been conducting many events centered around Enterprise Mobility in the mid-west markets and one of the details Microsoft shared with us exposed one of my most anticipated features in Enterprise Mobility, the Rights Management Portal.

While we were giving a demo today of Rights Management we also discovered that RMS has already updated the email that is sent out to the user who chooses to share a document using the Shared Protected button in outlook.

Before, if you had configured the Shared Protected window to send you email when the user opened the document, you would receive this email:


Now after sending the email to the recipients you receive the following email that takes you to the Azure RMS Portal to track the document:


You can also access the portal by following the link which takes you to a landing page:


Clicking Sign in does direct you to where you can put in your credentials:


However I was not able to access the actual portal on any of the accounts I have that use RMS and get this error when trying to login:


Really exciting news and can't wait to be able to get into the panel and play around with the new features that take advantage of the Azure AD Premium features. There are many features including tracking, revoking access and geo-location information that will definitely improve the experience and puts Enterprise Mobility capabilities in a whole other league.


Kim Claditis

Marketing Manager