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Annur Sumar is a Solutions Architect and Chicago Region Team Leader for Concurrency. He discusses MMS 2013 and his speaking session at the summit where he will be presenting "Cloud Clustering: Leveraging System Center 2012 for Continual Availability in the Private Cloud." [caption id="attachment_11899" align="alignright" width="166"]Annur Symar Photo Annur Sumar, Concurrency's Solutions Architect and Chicago Region Team Leader[/caption] Annur is an industry recognized leader and independent speaker around strategic infrastructure design, technology driven process improvements, IT service alignment, engineering best practices and operations management. All of which are targeted in his presentations to helping diverse businesses with complex IT environments in lowering Total Cost of Ownership and raising Return On Investments. Annur worked closely with Microsoft product teams and case study managers in providing invaluable feedback towards a greater vision around how businesses such as his were able to benefit from Microsoft technologies that were molded into business solutions. As a Microsoft MVP and industry expert, Annur brings 10 years of experience to work actively with other MVPs and Microsoft Partners to provide industry insight and strategic direction. [display_podcast] Annur's session link on the MMS 2013 website: WS-B304 Cloud Clustering: Leveraging System Center 2012 for Continual Availability in the Private Cloud Transcript of this podcast:

Marek: Today we welcome Annur Sumar, Solutions Architect, Regional Team Leader at Concurrency. He is in the Chicago area. Hi, Annur and welcome.

 Annur: Hi there.

 Marek: Let me tell you more about Annur. Annur works closely with Microsoft product teams and case study managers in providing invaluable feedback towards a greater vision around how businesses were able to benefit from Microsoft technologies that were molded into business solutions. He's a Microsoft MVP industry expert and a national speaker. Annur brings 10 years of expertise to work actively with other MVP's and Microsoft partners to provide industry insight and strategic direction. We are so glad you're with us today Annur.

Annur: Thank you. I'm glad to be here.

Marek: Annur, would you please share with us, what is the event that you were invited to speak by Microsoft?

Annur: The Microsoft Management Summit that's being held in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas this year and it's a really exciting time and it was really exciting to know that they selected us as a speaker.

Marek: Annur, would you please tell us about MMS.

Annur: Oh absolutely. Microsoft Management Summit is one of my favorite conferences of all time of attending. This is where some of the brightest IT professionals really get together to come and join in understanding how Microsoft technologies or some managing technologies help enable their business you know, drive down cost and raise return on investments and also address some of the business challenges that they're having through technology means. Such as orchestration or automation or service management and some of these key things. Microsoft Management Summit is just a really exciting event were peers can network, have hands on labs. you have tons of opportunities for understanding and earning new technologies so it's really a wonderful event if you're interested in learning about Microsoft Management technologies.

Marek: Annur typically, how many people attend these kind of events like MMS?

Annur: I don't know the number exactly, but I would say they're in the thousands for sure. Primarily because a lot of the people that you meet and in the key note you can see that there's thousands of people that really do attend these summit events. It's really great and exciting to see people that do the same kind of work that you do from the management side, from the technology infrastructure side and they get together really to understand how Microsoft's developed some of these technologies to better their environment.

Marek: So it sounds like in the Microsoft world and IT world around Microsoft it's a kind of big deal the summit, right?

Annur: Absolutely.

Marek: So would you tell us, what are some learning opportunities at the summit and how can people take advantage of MMS?

Annur: Oh that's a great question. I think the way that IT professionals can take advantage of MMS is truly understanding and bringing their business challenges or their technology management challenges to the table at MMS. Understanding how their business are operating from an operations management, configuration management, service management stand point and taking a lot of the things that they want to learn or that they would like in a solution or in a platform and bringing that to the Management Summit for a change instead of trying to go a learn about a technology, but bringing some of those challenges to the MMS and looking through and sitting through some of the sessions were they can take those key technology values and develop business solutions around what they've understood in the technology summit.

Marek: One of those sessions will be solely dedicated to your presentation. Would you tell us more about your specific session.

Annur: Sure. My specific session is Cloud clustering and leveraging System Center 2012 for high availability in the private Cloud and it's primarily around building a highly available data center solution, leveraging System Center 2012. It talks about how you can take virtual machine manager, operations manager and some of the other key components that are comprised with System Center in delivering a more efficient and the highly available environment that we can deliver to our data centers for infrastructure as a service.

Marek: Now is there anything specific about your session you're able to share with the listeners?

Annur: Primarily around high availability clustering, network low balancing, service redirection, backup and restore. A lot of the key things that the data centers really need for continual availability, business continuity etc. System Center and the key encompassing technologies around System Center are comprised of. So what the session really talks about is how to achieve high availability within a data center as well as how to leverage System Center products such as Virtual Machine Manager, Operations manager to be able to deliver a lot of the key things that you'd need for a data center environment.

Marek: How people can find more about MMS and about your session in particular?

Annur: They can go to click on the sessions catalog and search for myself or other speakers on there and look for the Cloud Clustering session. We'll be very happy to have them.

Marek: Excellent. I also will add here that those of you who are interested in MMS and listening and hearing Annur to speak you can also come back to and we'll have information posted there under news section and events section or you can find more about MMS in Annur's session. Annur you mentioned key note speaker at MMS, can you tell us who that will be this year?

Annur: I believe it will be Brad Anderson and he's a phenomenal speaker. He's really passionate, really excited about the Microsoft management technologies. He really starts to get into the weeds of how these things work and how to better enable the business through these Microsoft technologies. I'm also featured in a small video clip were he starts talking about how these people or how traditional IT people start to take their traditional methods of technology and develop them into business practices or business methods that help enable the business through technology.

Marek: For those of you don't know Brad Anderson is the corporate vice president of program management in Window's sever and System Center group. Annur tell us where and when this event will take place.

Annur: The Microsoft Management Summit is going to be held in Midway Bay, Las Vegas this year. It's from April 8 - April 12, 2013 and it's a really nice resort. It's a really nice place and they're going to have all the sessions in Midway Bay and  a lot of the key things of what we're trying to learn out there is what's going to be presented.

Marek: So all of you IT professionals, this would be a great opportunity for you not only to come out and get good IT education, expose your networking, but also you may have a little bit of fun time in Las Vegas so we invite you to come and check it out. So where would they find more information on or about this event?

Annur: Well they can log on to and log on to see all the session details and all the different events that are happening, but I think the key thing to remember on mark is what ever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Marek: For sure. You also can come to and find more about this event and Annur's speaking. I also understand you're not the only Concurrency engineer speaking at this event.

Annur: That is correct. Nate Lasnoski and myself will be speaking at this event and Nate Lasnoski's event is scaling out Service Manager and the infrastructure components of Service Manager and he'll be speaking with Travis Wright who is more of a senior principal program manager for Service Manager in System Center. It's really an exciting time for both of us to be presenting at MMS this year.

Marek: That's absolutely. Congratulations guys and we'll try to catch up with Nate in another, hopefully next episode of this podcast series so he can tell us more about his session. Annur you mentioned Expo, when I used to go to Expo's I remember getting a lot of free stuff t-shirts, pens and other gadgets. Is that a part as well of this MMS this year?

Annur: Absolutely. Actually you get a ton of free stuff. There's a whole lot of partners that are at the Microsoft Management Expo and they do hand out key chains and your t-shirts Marek so you can definitely swing by and pick them up from the vendors, but it's also a good place were you can meet with other IT professionals or meet with other Microsoft MVP's and Microsoft professionals that actually helped developed some of these technologies. It's really a great place to walk around and see some of the technology developments that the Microsoft partners have done as well as see some of the great technology developments that Microsoft itself has done.

Marek: That's great.  So Again it's the beginning of April and the weather in Las Vegas will be phenomenal and those of you Midwest and East coast and colder places in the US that's a perfect spot to get away. Once again Annur thank you so much for your time. Congratulations again to you and Nate on this great opportunity and we are looking forward to seeing you at MMS 2013.

Annur: Great. Looking forward to seeing everyone that's going to be attending. Thank you.


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