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New York - Insight into ITOM Packaging/Pricing

Author by Matt Smith

With the just announced release of New York to the general public - ServiceNow has made some enhancements to simplify the manner the applications within the ITOM product are packaged/bundled together.  At first glance these changes are going to lead to simplicity in the manner which a customer seeks to obtain the business value desired out of the platform.  So let's move onto the changes....

ITOM in the past had been broken out into five applications which were priced separately and as a package.  These include Discovery, Service Mapping, Event Management, Operational Intel, and Cloud Management.  While this model allowed a customer to move across the maturity model - it did leave some being confused on how it was broken out.  

Now moving forward with the New York release the ITOM product offering will have three applications which are ITOM Visibility, ITOM Health, and ITOM Optimization.  I have included below a snippet on how each of the classical modules roll up to these new application categories.


An additional change that is taking place with the New York release is nodes will be replaced with subscription units within the ITOM territory.  Given technology is evolving more into the world of PaaS resources and Containers this update makes tons of sense.  Here is how they will now align the Subscription Units with the previous node model:


All exciting changes for New York as it relates to simplifying the manner it's licensed towards the manner a customer best realizes the value out of the platform!  

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