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We Got This!

Author by Jaime Velez

Someone recently asked me what is it that I love the most about consulting.

My immediate response was to chuckle and then I said: “Who said I love consulting?”

But after reflecting a bit on that question I’ve come to realize that what I have is a Love-Hate relationship with consulting.

Some days I absolutely hate consulting work, most days are “okay”, but it is the few days here and there when one of my project teams does something remarkable that truly makes me love what I do for a living.

It is days when we deliver a truly transformative solution that far exceeds our clients’ expectations that gives me true personal gratification.

Days when I see team members go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure an issue is resolved, a bug is fixed, an impediment is removed, a co-worker is supported, or a client is beyond satisfied.

These are the days that make me proud of the work I do, but most importantly, proud of the people I get to call my colleagues. My friends. My second family.

It is the camaraderie, the trust we have in each other, and the tenacity we have to always make the best out of any situation – good or bad – that keeps me super-engaged and committed to working with some of the best in this crazy field we call Business and I.T. Consulting.

When the going gets tough, rather than quitting, point fingers, or take the easy way out, my fellow team members turnaround and say:

“Don’t worry. We got this!”

We. Got. This! This is the mantra we live by here at Concurrency.

No problem or challenge is ever too big for us. We always overcome and adapt as needed.

I’ve also had days when I’ve asked myself why do I tolerate the high stress that comes with managing multiple highly complex projects that come with a daily barrage of issues, challenges, never-ending surprises, and constantly shifting priorities.

But I’ve persevered because I reminded myself that tough days don’t last, but tough people always do. We got this.

Consulting strangely reminds me also of my military experience. The U.S. Army taught me what it means to have grit. When you think you can’t do something anymore, but you somehow manage to convince your mind and your body that you can push yourself a little further. Then when you think you’re really out of gas and suddenly remember that you still have an extra hidden tank tucked away for emergency situations. That’s grit. That’s what my fellow Concurrency team members have.

I suppose I could start calling my co-workers my “battle buddies.” My squad.

I still don't know if I could ever say that I love consulting, but I do know that I love working with inspired technologists that challenge the status quo, create value and help clients find better ways to leverage technology to improve their businesses.

We so got this!