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Managed Services Evolved with Concurrency Digital Operations

Author by Kurt Spitzner

Now more than ever, the opportunity to automate, digitize and mobilize the workforce is critical to business growth and survival across industries. Implementing new technology and transformative change within your organization does not stop on "go live day", rather it evolves as your team and organization work to embrace the new technology in new ways over the weeks, months and years following a successful launch or implementation.  
For that critical time post-launch and beyond, Concurrency developed a Digital Operations team to support you and your team by providing the monitoring, case management and advisory expertise you need to maximize the promise of true efficiency from your investment. Our Digital Operations team is prepared to support your Azure Infrastructure, Custom Applications, AI, and business critical data through support that draws on our over 30 years of deep domain expertise in these areas by providing:

Insight into Cost, Performance and Availability

  • Monitoring using best-in-class tools like Azure App Insights and Azure Lighthouse

Service – Expert Advice and Resolution when you need it

  • A robust request, incident and case management fitting a custom service level that is right sized for your business powered with self-service and visibility through ServiceNow

Flexibility through a Subscription-Based Monthly Rate

  • The flexibility and simplicity of a subscription-based service that affords you the access to the expertise you need when you need it without costly retraining or hiring into your existing staff.
We also have the the ability to host your Azure Services as your Cloud Services Provider in scenarios where you haven't already established a tenant in Microsoft Azure. 
During these unprecedented times,  the support and flexibility of a partner to monitor, operate and support your investment is vital to focusing your team and resources on your business.  For more information on how Concurrency Digital Operations can help, email
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