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Mentoring and Programming Bootcamps

Author by Carl Schweitzer

This week on the MS Dev Show, we talk to Sarah Dutkiewicz about mentoring and programming boot camps. This is an interesting discussion since these are normally two separate discussions most of the time. But Sarah, in her current role, has experience blending the two to create a better and more engaging learning experience for the apprentices (students) she teaches and mentors.

I have been interested in alternate education in the professional software development sphere ever since my own education. I started by getting an Associate’s Degree from a local technical school. This was a great experience, because I was exposed to a lot of technology, and got “my hands dirty” early on. But no one was hiring me with just an Associate’s degree, so I then went and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. The educational experience this time was totally different. It was mostly theory and the explanations on why we do what we do in our field. There was little practical application. I loved how the two different styles complemented each other, and I attribute much of my success to experiencing both kinds of educational styles.

In short, I think that non-traditional education has a great opportunity to disrupt traditional Universities and Technical Schools. Listen to our discussion with Sarah, to learn how she helps people in the Mid-West succeed using a programming boot-camp learning style.