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Find your Microsoft Intune Service Instance Region

Author by Kim Claditis

Outages, planned or unplanned, are the worst when you are managing a fleet of devices. Any user experience disruption or downtime can cripple productivity, especially when its touching an essential tool provided to users to make their life easier, a smart phone. But we don’t live in a perfect world and once and awhile you may experience some sort of interference, whether its maintenance or an anomaly.

Microsoft has a portal that can be helpful to check for any interferences. This is a great tool to use when you notice a service degradation, whether it is to see if the problem is already reported or if you need to create a support ticket. You can access this portal by going to

The portal will give you an overall view of the worldwide Microsoft Intune Services. Often you may see that some regions maybe degraded and others will be fine. This is where you would want to know your own Intune Tenant/Service Instance Region.


Microsoft Intune Current Status (

To find your Microsoft Intune Subscriptions Region/Service Instance:

1. Start by logging into the Microsoft Intune Administration Portal. (


2. Navigate to Admin on the left panel. Once in the Admin section locate and click View Service Status on the right. A new window will open.


3. In the new window you will now see the Microsoft Intune Current Status portal and on the top of the screen you will now see your tenant’s region.


Knowing your region and/or service instance can help you determine if you need open a support ticket. I can also highlight the yellow bubble to see what that degraded service may be. This can help me determine if you need to open a ticket with the Microsoft Intune support team.


Often times if an issue isn’t listed it’s a good idea to call the Microsoft Intune Support line to see if the issue has been reported to the team. Any information on a degraded service will help the team resolve the issue as quickly as possible.



Kim Claditis

Marketing Manager