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International Project Management Day

Author by Jaime Velez

International Project Management Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of November to recognize all the individuals in the profession that help turn dreams and ideas into reality.

The concept of celebrating Project Management Day was first conceived in 2004 by Lavern Johnson and Lori Milhaven in collaboration with the International Institute of Learning (ILL) and has gained traction over the years.

International Project Management Day honors the selfless people that are brave enough to make the tough calls, to have the radical candor conversations, and that constantly look to improve the ways that keep projects on track, within budget, and to the quality standards that their stakeholders expect.

At Concurrency our Project Managers (also known as the Customer Success Team) are the heartbeat of our service delivery organization.

We are the facilitators of value driven business outcomes that help our clients transform their business.

I would like to salute all our past, current, and future Project Leader Professionals and Change Agents that have helped so many of our clients transform their business over the years.

This is our day. Let’s celebrate!