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Event: Blockchain for Business Rebooted

Author by Kim Claditis

The technology long associated with Bitcoin is now being used to make businesses as varied as trade finance, video-gaming, travel insurance, and mining more efficient and more secure. Businesses that aren’t already considering how to use Blockchain to restructure their operations, particularly in finance and logistics, risk their software—and even their business models— to become quickly outdated.

You're invited to Blockchain for Business - Rebooted, a multi-session event that will look at the latest updates in Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. A Microsoft architect and Blockchain expert will also share the ongoing vision for Blockchain in Azure.


  • Blockchain current state, examples, and where it fits with business needs
  • Microsoft investment in Azure Blockchain and tools to make Blockchains easier to deploy and manage
  • Patterns for solution architecture in Blockchain business applications
  • Blockchain Workbench for accelerating dev/test exploration in Azure
  • Blockchain development tools and steps to build smart contracts for a private Ethereum Blockchain



Kim Claditis

Marketing Manager