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Dynamics 365 Pricing Calculator

Dynamics 365 Pricing Calculator

Author by Dan Fink

Dynamics 365 licensing is adding more complexity to the licensing scenarios, which makes it a bit more difficult to identify the best subscription model for your business. The following calculator was created to provide the ability to see the Plans, Business Applications, and Tiers in action, with the ability to easily compare them.

If you haven't already, take a look at the Dynamics 365 Licensing Made Simple post for details on the Subscription Licenses, Business Applications, and Plans referenced in this calculator. Details on the use rights included with each of the Subscription License can be found on the Use Rights Breakdown. Take a look at Preparing for Dynamics 365 to make sure you're ready for the upgrade.

Disclaimer: These calculators are based on the Enterprise Edition of Dynamics 365, using initial pricepoints released by Microsoft. This tool is meant for estimation and demonstration purposes only.

Pricing Model

These calculators are based on the following Enterprise pricing model (which may be subject to change by Microsoft). Note that only Plan 1 and Team Member Subscriptions are tiered.



Team Member Subscription

One of the easiest ways to cut down on license cost is by utilizing the Team Member Subscription which is available with Dynamics 365. Users that may not be working primarily in Dynamics, or need access to reports or other basic entities, can be assigned this license at a low cost per user. 

This calculator can show you the cost per user per month for Team Member subscription licenses, and also compares the non-tiered price to the tiered price.

Dynamics 365 Plan 1 & Plan 2

The plans include access to all of the Business Apps, with Plan 2 also including access to Operations. Note that Plan 1 does have tiered pricing, but Plan 2 does not.

Business Apps

If you'd like to license individual users for specific Business Apps, that can be done as well, though based on the pricing model, Microsoft is making it very favorable to use the Plan 1 subscription to encourage additional utiliziation. 

Useing this calculator, it's quite easy to see that with tiered pricing it can easily become more cost effective after 99 users. In fact, based on pricing of $95/user/month for each Business App, it becomes more cost effective to grant a Plan 1 license to a user after you surpass 100 users (Tier 2), where the Plan 1 cost drops to $90/user/month. Throw in some PowerApps to the mix and it's easy to see Microsoft has made this licensing model very favored to the Plan 1 subscription.


Dan Fink

Senior System Engineer