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MVP Summit 2015

Author by Carl Schweitzer

Microsoft has a long history of recognizing leaders and those with a positive reach in the Microsoft community. They have awarded these individuals with the title of MVP – Most Valuable Professional, in three broad categories: IT Pro, Developer and Consumer. Last week (Nov 2 – 5), Microsoft continued this long tradition, by inviting all of it’s MVPs to it’s corporate headquarters.

Concurrency has ten Microsoft MVPs across all three groups. Nathan LasnoskiShannon Fritz, Annur Sumar, Steve BuchananJes BorlandMichael Steineke, Sumeeth EvansLee BergAdam Driscoll, and Carl Schweitzer. This is among the highest concentration of MVPs in any one company. All ten were able to make it to the summit this year.



What do MVPs do at the summit? MVPs go to the headquarters for several reasons. One of the key reasons is for Microsoft to show the details of what is coming out next. MVPs get privileged access to listen about the future of the products directly from the Program Managers on the teams. MVPs also give feedback on the technical details and direction of the product lines.

This event is also a fantastic time for networking. With the some of the most excited and experienced of the Microsoft community all in one place, plus most of Microsoft’s engineering, marketing, and leadership available, it is a great place to meet people who can help each other out. In addition, there are plenty of sponsored events after the daily sessions, to allow everyone additional time to meet each other.

This week on the MS Dev Show, we had an opportunity to interview MVPs during a multi-group hackathon. Windows developers, ASP.Net, and .Net language MVPs were holding hackathons on their last day of the summit. We got a chance to talk to several of them about what they were doing.