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Get Operations Underway in Your Organization's Smart Restart

Author by Stephanie Siewert

As we delve deeper into Smart Restart, we welcomed Concurrency's Data Scientist Swami Venkatesh, PhD, with returning guests UX Architect Damon Sanchez and Technical Archtiect Anthony Escobedo, to talk about the crucial steps to take to launch operations and manage them effectively.

Swami discusses data forecasting with supply & demand to take control of your inventory while Damon reaffirms the importance of empathetical language in bots and technology when employees seek answers to their questions about returning to the office. Anthony discusses low-code, no-code opportunities you can take advantage of by creating applications that automate otherwise manual processes to keep people safe and maintain a steady course of action. You can view the Executive Summary below or click here to view the webinar recording to learn more. 


For further comprehensive resources, check out the graphic below to see the team's discussion visualized and reimagined.