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User Adoption Is No Secret

Author by Jim Sauerbrei

Implementing a new technology across your organization is a daunting task, regardless of experience.  Getting your user base to adapt to the new technology is an even greater obstacle.  A common theme I encounter with clients is the lack of strategy once they have reached Go-Live.  What happens now?  How do we know if we are receiving a return on the investment?  Fortunately, with the Microsoft Office 365 Adoption Content Pack you can gain insights into the usage and activity of all Office 365 applications across your organization.


What is the Office 365 Adoption Content Pack?


The Office 365 Adoption Content Pack is designed to help you gain insights on how users across your organization leverage Office 365 to communicate and collaborate.  You gain access to built-in reports, create custom reports and share insights within your organization to help understand how regions or departments are utilizing Office 365.  By analyzing usage patterns, you’ll be able to take appropriate actions that will maximize your return on your Office 365 investment.


What is included in the Office 365 Adoption Content Pack?


The Office 365 Adoption Content Pack offers a range of built-in reports, providing insights into the usage and activity of Office 365 applications.  Using this data, you’ll know how your organization is communicating and collaborating with one another.


The following reports offer unique insights into the Office 365 stack.  IT Administrators within your organization have access to this content through the Admin portal.


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              Adoption overview

Review the number of licenses assigned and how many are in use to help give you a picture of Office 365 adoption in your organization.  At a glance, you’ll see how many product licenses are assigned, and the number of users that are actively using the product, returning month over month, using the product for the first-time and who have used their license at least once.


              Product usage

Offers a drill-down view into volume of key activities for each service.  Use the reports in this section to learn how your users are utilizing Office 365.



Look at Exchange, Yammer and Skype for Business data to see how users are communicating.  You can easily see whether your organization prefers email, Yammer posts or Skype calls to stay in the loop and get work done.



Great teams work together and by analyzing OneDrive and SharePoint site usage patterns, you’ll see how users in your organization collaborate.


Access from anywhere

No more wondering which clients and devices are used to connect to email, Skype for Business or Yammer when users are on the go.



Track cloud storage consumption for mailboxes, OneDrive and SharePoint sites to help users stay under limits and to help quantify how much data your organization is storing.


Office activation

When you assign a license for Office, users can install the apps on up to five devices.  You can now easily see the device types on which users have installed Office apps.


              Individual service usage reports

Usage reports are available for certain individual services.  These reports provide specific usage details for the respective service.  Exchange usage, Teams usage and Yammer usage are examples of these reports.


Individual service user activity reports

User activity reports are available for certain individual services.  These reports provide user level detail usage data joined with Active Directory attributes.


Where applicable, reports can be filtered to focus on specific Office 365 applications, departments and/or locations.  For example, you can retrieve SharePoint activity for your Marketing users in the Wisconsin office by select the appropriate filters within the SharePoint – User activity report.



Once your data is reflective of your filters, you can share the output to leadership or publish to a SharePoint site.  This is done by selecting the Share feature in the upper right of the screen.


The Office 365 Adoption Content Pack is a valuable tool for your organization that helps you understand how users are adapting and using Office 365.  Get the most out of this feature so you can make smart business decisions that will maximize your return on investment.