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Office 365 - Security and Governance for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

Author by Christian Urena

The SharePoint Conference North America headlined a variety of topics such as Advanced AI, SharePoint Spaces, the Microsoft Graph, SharePoint 2019, but one in particular that will be of interest for global organizations. As threats are becoming more sophisticated, the importance and awareness of cyber security is increasing. Once again, Office 365 has innovated security and governance with a global scale approach that offers exceptional reliability and compliance. Many corporations fear the unknown about the cloud and where their data is hosted. Along with security, governance is also a colossal task when managing the distribution and delivery of sensitive data to end users. Here are some helpful things to ease those fearful thoughts:

SharePoint Admin Center

The new SharePoint Admin Center comes with many great new features and updates. Site Management is better than ever with a modern, one-stop-shop that allows for quick discovery of site information and management. This allows you to sort, filter, and group sites based on settings for ease of management. You can control Sharing, Device Access, and other administration settings while still enabling your users to own content and increase productivity for day to day activities.

Office 365 Multi-Geolocations

SharePoint Online and Office 365 can now accommodate global corporations in response to managing data residency and policies. The new multi-geo feature allows you to store your data where it needs to belong by enabling a single Office 365 tenant to span across multiple datacenters. This means you can store your SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive data in a designated geo on a per user basis, and still allow users to collaborate from anywhere they are located.

Here are some things to consider when getting started:

  1. Planning for a multi-geo environment
  2. Learning how to govern a multi-geo environment
  3. Configuring a multi-geo tenant for your organization
  4. Moving sites to geolocations and configuring search

Files Restore and Windows Defender

Better together? I think so. It's like combining home and auto insurance together. In the end, it’s a better deal. If you infect your OneDrive files, Windows Defender Antivirus will detect ransomware and guide you through the resolution to help you restore your files. In the end, your information is secure and private.

Could this be integrated for SharePoint Online document libraries that are synced to personal computers via the OneDrive sync? I'll leave you with that thought. 


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