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Mobilizing corporate data with Azure App Service

Author by Tim Gabrhel

Last month, Azure introduced a new premium addition to the App Service feature called App Service Environment. App Service Environment is a premium feature of App Services and the features it contains are just that:

  • Increased scale options – Pool web, api, and mobile apps in logical ways that make sense for scalability
  • Site to Site VPN & ExpressRoute – App Service environment is deployed to a virtual network and is ready to leverage existing VPN capabilities within Azure to extend your corporate network
  • Fine grained security – You can control all incoming traffic to your app service to be restricted to just company users. This gives you the full power of Azure’s cloud and scale features, but the peace of mind of clients accessing internal assets.

 Those features are specific to the premium tier of App Services. Because all app service components are built on top of web apps, you still get all of the other great features that exist today:

  • Multi language support
  • Auto scaling & load balancing
  • Geographic traffic manager
  • Continuous Deployment

Azure App Service is a fantastic new bundling of services and is extremely flexible allowing you to develop the solution components to match your exact business scenario.


Tim Gabrhel

Application Developer

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