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ServiceNow Madrid Release - Test Management

Author by Matt Smith

Within ServiceNow's recent Madrid release there are additional enhancements included in the space of Test Management 2.0 within ITBM.  Being a fellow appreciator of Quality Assurance and carrying with me a spirit of ensuring it's wired into everything we do in the technology space, it's great that ServiceNow continues to evolve their platform to support all the capabilities which are necessary for successful technology delivery.

Now on to the things which are enhanced with the Madrid release....

New! Test Board 
Ability to track, manage, and complete testing activities from a new user interface called the Test board.  It enables those operating in the quality/testing space to aggregate all test plans and view them as cards in a single location.  (versus hopping around to view test plans)  Also you may now initiate the creation of test plans right off of the Test board.

Info graphic showing how Test Board provides an aggregated view of test plans

Photo Credit: ServiceNow Madrid Release Notes

New!  Ability to create short test plans

You may create a short test plan (instead of going through the overhead of creating a longer test plan and then a test cycle).

New! Quick start tests

Another way to test the testing engine (say that three times fast!).  This feature allows you to validate and essentially do a smoke test to ensure after you do a configuration change like applying an upgrade or developing an application Test Management 2.0 still works.

If you have any further questions around the Madrid release or any other ServiceNow related topics we would love to catch up.  Please feel free to contact us.

Thanks for reading!

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