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Introduction to SharePoint Libraries

Author by Christian Urena

So I’ve always wondered? Do users store the right content in the wrong libraries or the wrong content in the right libraries? Knowing the many advantages of how to use SharePoint libraries can be very beneficial for organizations and all their users.


What are SharePoint libraries?

Let’s put it this way: when you need a book you usually go to a library and when you need a movie you usually go to a movie rental, or nowadays you just go to a Redbox or use Netflix. In SharePoint, libraries are structured in a very similar way. A library is a location where content is created, stored, and updated with the main idea being that it’s all in one common, centralized location. With that said, each library will have a different purpose and set of features depending on the content you wish to collect. There are many types of SharePoint libraries, but here are some of the most used libraries:


Asset Library: Asset libraries are used to store media content such as images, audio, and videos. I’ve seen asset libraries highly used for storing reusable content by organizations such as company logos and pictures.

Document Library: I would say Document libraries are by far the most popular type of library in SharePoint. They are very useful when storing various types of files such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s, text files, etc. For that reason, this is one of the libraries that is always created when you create a new SharePoint site.

Picture Library: Picture libraries are used to store any kind of picture or image files. I highly advise using a Picture Library when you want to store any kind of image for a few good reasons. First, images can be viewed in thumbnails making it easier for end-users. Second, images can also be viewed in a slideshow presentation also making it easy for end-users. Lastly, it makes it easy to manage and use. For example, users have an easier time viewing and downloading images in a Picture library compared to images stored in other libraries.

Wiki Page Library: A wiki page library is used to store a collection of wiki pages. For example, a wiki page library can be used by an organization to store many different types of company pages and be able to have them in one centralized to location.


Another handy feature about SharePoint is permissions. In connection with SharePoint libraries, permissions can be used to make all of your content very secure by applying security restrictions. For example, the security levels can be applied on entire libraries, individual folders or documents. Libraries offer many advantages and using them appropriately to store your content can make a great difference.

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