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Introducing Adxstudio

Author by Edidiong Odiong

With the recent enhancements and capabilities that have been released in Dynamics CRM 2016, we can tell that Microsoft is making remarkable strides at providing improved customer experience and community engagement. In addition, their recent acquisition of Adxstudio now provides a solution that extends the functionalities of Dynamics CRM to an easy-to-use web based portal. This will introduce a user-friendly channel which empowers the customers to engage in day to day business operations. 

To introduce Adxstudio, let us go through some basic questions: 

What is Adxstudio? Think of it as a public facing web portal with Dynamics CRM as the central hub for operations. Easily tailored to fit your business processes, this portal solution could be customer facing or employee facing, or even both. All the data collected through the portal (accounts, contacts etc.) is stored in the Dynamics CRM database alongside other CRM data.  

The Adxstudio package deployer comes prepacked with a variety of application lifecycle and online engagement modules built in to allow business processes to become web facing. These preconfigured modules provide a helpful foundation to jump start an implementation. These features, all managed within the Dynamics CRM interface include: 

  • Intelligent online self-service for internal end users by securely connecting their CRM data to your web portal through various federated authentication mediums. 
  • Secure access from the portal to any CRM data - including custom entities. This is done through forms, lists, actions and permissions all controlled within the Dynamics CRM interface. To the portal users, they would just be clicking a few buttons. 
  • An integrated content management system within Dynamics CRM. This includes (but is not limited to) rich content editors including media, search capabilities, etc. 
  • Responsive page design easily displayed in phones, tablets and laptops. 
  • Customer service platforms, communities and blogs, partner channel management, e-commerce features and lots more. To learn more, visit the Adxstudio features page.  

How does it work? The diagram below would help summarize the basic architecture of a Dynamics CRM and Adxstudio integration. 

The rectangle on the left represents the traditional Dynamics CRM world with a direct connection to AD for authentication, Exchange for emails and a SQL Server (technical details may differ based on the type of deployment). The portal is installed as an application on an IIS web server and linked right to Dynamics CRM. External portal users can then access the portal directly and permissions are managed through authentication. 


If you are thinking of possible reasons to use Adxstudios with your Dynamics CRM implementation, remember that it is now truly a part of the Microsoft stack and you will be set up for a straight-forward implementation, easy integration as well as full support.  

Adxstudio is a truly transformative solution which is now included with Dynamics CRM, and has the ability to merge your website and xRM deployments into a powerful self-service customer portal, reducing costs and allowing for a more engaged and happy customer base. If you have any questions regarding Adxstudio or Dynamics CRM, Concurrency is always available to provide assistance or just clarify any questions you may have.


Edidiong Odiong

Associate Systems Engineer

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