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Staff-Augmentation vs. Project-Based Consulting: Three Questions for Business Decision Makers

Author by Kate Weiland

Before coming to Concurrency, I represented 50+ companies seeking to bring on IT talent. At first my focus was staff-augmentation. Later, I shifted to permanent placements and eventually to the highly specialized area of IT professional services hiring.

Over the course of thousands of placements, I’ve seen first-hand what happens when hiring firms are unclear about the differences between staff-augmentation and project-based consulting.

Because the word “consulting” is so loosely used in the IT industry, business decision-makers are often unclear about both the basic differences between staff-aug and project-based consulting.


Kate Weiland

Serves as Chief People Officer and thought leader on all aspects of human capital management helping to ensure that Concurrency can identify, attract, and develop diverse talent necessary to implement overall strategy.