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Don't be a Hollow Bunny Candidate

Author by Kate Weiland

So as a child, you recall the excitement of getting that beautiful, foil-wrapped, chocolate bunny around Easter time.  You may have even saved this treat for the very last, anticipating that first bite into that piece of solid chocolate bunny ear heaven.

Then, you bit into that bunny ear and were greatly disappointed as the pieces crumbled into your hand.  It was the dreaded hollow bunny.

You see, this is a similar experience that IT recruiters face when opening that resume that is filled with the promise of that hard-to-find skill set they are on a mission to hire.  Sorting thru piles and piles of on-line resumes to find those that contain every single technical skill, and leading-edge jargon imaginable. 

Yes, it’s true, we use keyword searches.  We have to, and most of you have heard this.  It does NOT make you a better candidate for the job by listing every technology you know the acronym for.  We still need a candidate who has actually USED this technology or skill. 

It is our responsibility as recruiters to determine your level of experience with each of these listed skills before we waste our client or hiring manager’s time with an interview.  If you have not actually used this technology, then do not list it on the resume, we will figure it out.  Save us both the time, trouble and disappointment.

List only skills that you have used in the past and that you can apply to your future engagements.  You will feel proud and confident about answering questions about those skills listed.

Save yourself the embarrassment of having to responding repeatedly “I have not really worked with that…or that….or that….” And, save us the heartbreak of biting into your hollow bunny resume.  


Kate Weiland

Serves as Chief People Officer and thought leader on all aspects of human capital management helping to ensure that Concurrency can identify, attract, and develop diverse talent necessary to implement overall strategy.

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