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Tips for New Interns Week 1

Author by Hannah Ignacio

Hello everyone!  Today is Friday, so it is officially the end of my first week of my internship (I'm a BA intern).  I am going to go through some of my tips/reflections on week 1, which I think could be helpful for a new intern starting!  Some of these are general, and one is pretty specific . . .

  1. Come in with an open mind
    • This is very general obviously; however, still very important.
    • When starting any new job, whether it be your first job ever or your 10th job, it is always going to be nerve wracking.  My advice to you is to not let your nerves get to you.  I know that is not that helpful because it is hard to control, but you just have to realize that everyone, and I mean everyone, is nervous on their first day.
  2.  Smile and make eye contact
    • Everyone likes a friendly face and some good eye contact; however, you have to be cautious with the amount of eye contact.  Too much eye contact is slightly creepy.  If you find yourself thinking, "Wow we have been making eye contact for like 2 minutes straight," it is time to look away for a few seconds.  You do NOT want to be the person with crazy eyes.
  3.  Coffee, coffee, coffee . . .
    • This is your first week of work.  Say you have never worked an office job or 40 hours a week.  Odds are, you are probably going to be tired.  That is when coffee comes in.  I promise you, if you are anything like me, caffeine will be your best friend.  I have probably averaged about 2-3 cups per day this week.  If you don't need caffeine to get through the day, I am very jealous of you.
  4.  Try to be outgoing
    •  Most people like when others approach them and take a personal interest in them.  Even if you're not outgoing, try to challenge yourself to talk to people first.  Personally, I am not the most outgoing person; however, I become way more outgoing when I get to know people--you have to break me out of my shell.  Most people do not approach others out of fear or shyness, but do not let the fear scare you off!
  5. Pack your lunch the night before
    •  My whole mindset with this is that if you pack your lunch the night before, you automatically save time in the morning, AKA more sleep.  Who doesn't want more sleep?  The answer = no one.  I always did this in high school when I packed lunches, and it was always a great time saver.  It also makes you much more efficient in the morning. 
  6.  If you don't have a badge yet, strategically wait in your car until you see someone else walking up to the office (this is the weirdly specific one)
    • Look, you gotta do what you gotta do.  
    • I have not had a badge all week, and the best way to counteract that was seeing someone walk up to the building and following them in.  Creepy? Yes. Effective? Oh yeah.

This is the end of my tips for week 1!  Look out for my next post (hopefully next week).  Thanks for reading!