Featured in Madison Business Journal on Modern Desktop

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

I was recently in the greater Madison Business Journal talking about Modern Desktop and its impact on end user computing.  I feel this shift is very important for businesses to understand and represents one of the most significant changes in the end user computing space in the last 20 years.  A few key points:

  • Shifting to Modern Desktop is one of the most significant security steps a company can make because it architecturally changes the topology of the environment to mitigate lateral movement. The Modern Desktop system is not on the CorpNet and exists with a very different authentication model.
  • Economically Modern Desktop is drastically simpler to deploy and maintain since PCs are delivered directly to end users and are more akin to mobile devices than the traditional system.
  • Every environment with SCCM today should at minimum have co-management and conditional access enabled, since it facilitates some of Modern Desktop’s properties, such as protecting cloud applications from unsafe systems.

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Nathan Lasnoski


Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer