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Solution Offering Repository

Author by Hannah Ignacio

The main project I am focusing on throughout the span of my internship is creating a Solution Offering Repository.  The Repository consists of templates of standard documentation used in projects.  It is being created to essentially make life easier when writing up new documentation.  The Repository will lessen the amount of time and energy put into writing documents-having templates already created will allow for BA’s to simply write in the relevant information regarding the certain project they are working on instead of having to write up every little detail of the document from scratch.  In this blog, I am going to discuss the process of creating the Repository- even though we are in the middle of creating it:

  • Collecting the documentation
    • In order to collect the documentation, I emailed BAs and PMs.  I received a list from my boss, which included specific projects with the BAs or PMs that worked on them.  The projects were spread across different solution offerings. 
    • The main struggle I had with collecting the documentation was getting people to respond to my emails.  Everyone is busy, and I am aware of that.  That is definitely why it was hard for people to get back to me.  Eventually, I got everyone to respond, but after a little bit of struggle.
  • Scrubbing the documentation
    • In order to create the templates, I am scrubbing the documentation to make it very simple.  By scrubbing the documentation, the documents become templates that have small amounts of information that allows for BAs to insert the material for their projects.  While scrubbing, I take out the client names and any information that would not be relevant to a standard project for that specific solution offering.

Though this is not much, this is how far we have come for creating the Solution Offering Repository.  We are hoping to finish this ASAP, so we can save time and energy for the company as a whole.