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My experience as the first Customer Success Intern

Author by Giamo Rivera

I wanted to give a little background about myself prior to giving my overall experience at Concurrency. I came from and IT technician background before joining Concurrency. I craved change and one thing that I really wanted was to be challenged. A few months ago, I found out that I enjoyed project management and wanted to go down that career path. The problem was that it was a huge role change and trying to figure out how to make that transition. I had no prior business background, so I was already at a disadvantage- or that’s what I thought.

When I saw the internship posting in my emails about internships for Concurrency- I started to do some research. The one thing that stuck out to me that most of their website was the amount of support and care they have towards their employees. One thing I was always looking for is an organization that is willing to invest in their employee’s, whether that be through education, opportunities etc. I was getting excited and quickly Concurrency became my number one choice for who I wanted to work for.

After my first interview with Heather (HC), I found out that its accepted that PM’s don’t necessarily need a business background. That was an eye opener – and has really changed my perspective of the PM role. After five interviews, I was hired on as the PM intern. My first two days of NEO had already impressed me and surpassed my initial expectations of Concurrency. The amount of support that HC provided us was insane. They broke down everything about Concurrency and answered all questions that we had about our upcoming journey’s.

I am writing this blog a month and a half in. My expectations have been blown out of the water. Customer Success and Concurrency cares about our development as interns and take the time to teach us everything that we need to know about this industry. They give us flexibility, education guidance to take certification, the willingness to answer all our questions, and remedy our concerns. It makes me and the other interns want to try harder because they are so invested in our development.

Currently, I am a supplemental project manager. I pair up with other project managers to help them with scheduling, budgeting and any work I can. All the PM’s I’ve worked with have been amazing. All of them are my mentors and I hope I can’t wait until I get to their level.    

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