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Learning Tips for Customer Success Interns:

Author by Giamo Rivera

Learning through Experience:

Considering I am the first Customer Success, project management, intern. I thought it would be valuable to share my learning experience and provide tips to help future CS interns adjust to Concurrency and project management.

To get started, what I realized early on is that compared to other interns is that there isn’t a concrete learning path. All my learning has primarily been through shadowing, supplementing in projects by performing all backend work, speaking with other project managers about their strategies. The customer success playbook, PM SOP’S, and delivery 3.0 are also learning materials the internal processes of Concurrency but are supplemental sources to aid the hands-on experience.

Learning project management is difficult because it derives from experience. You need to put yourself in situations where you may or not be up in front in projects but it’s the best way to learn. As stated previously, my current approach is being a supplemental force for projects. Taking every opportunity, I can to help other project managers with their assignments. This can be creating project plans, tracking budget, scheduling meetings. My thought process is that when I master the tasks of the PM role and learn the overall internal processes of Concurrency- I will have an easier time leading meeting and teams.

What I do to learn:

  • Take and organize notes
  • Shadow as much as possible
  • Ask questions, even to members of other teams
  • Work on projects or ask to participate in projects
  • Be Proactive – Don’t wait for orders
  • Read SOP’s and watch Delivery 3.0
  • Practice creating and understanding project plans
  • Write a “To do” list to keep track of tasks (Onenote is your friend)
  • Get used to organizing meetings
  • Get to know the other consultants
  • Understand accounts and clients
  • Participate in Gates meetings if possible
  • Meet with senior management weekly if possible
  • Focus on learning and self improvement