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4 Reflections for 4 Weeks of my Internship

Author by Hannah Ignacio


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for work
    1. This is one that a lot of people tell you when starting a new job; however, it is not always as easy as it seems.   Sometimes it can be kind of scary to ask for work because you don’t want to bother someone.  Though sometimes you might seem like you could be an annoyance, you definitely aren’t.   Everyone wants you to succeed and learn, and you can’t learn as much as possible if you aren’t doing any work.
  2. Take training seriously
    1. I know personally I always take these things pretty seriously, but I am sure for some people online training can be kind of tough due to short attention spans.  Online training is very helpful and informative.  Training has been a big part of my internship and has taught me a lot.  Though I am getting into more actual work, training is still super helpful and will always be a part of everyone’s jobs, especially in the technology field.
  3. Listening to podcasts
    1. While doing work and not training, I like to listen to podcasts instead of music.  I feel that podcasts entertain me more than music and can be very informative.  I am not super into reading in my free time, so I prefer to listen to podcasts over music so I feel that I am constantly learning new things.  There are many options for podcasts too…self-help, comedy, chit-chats, ect…..
    2. Places you can listen to podcasts are: Spotify and Apple Podcasts
  4. Making friends
    1. Before I started this internship, I did not even realize that there would be around 15 or so other interns working with me.  Because I did not realize there would be so many other interns, I did not think I would be meeting so many new people around my age.  I am usually a very shy person when I meet new people, so when I saw all the other interns that had been working there for a few weeks before I started (I started 2 weeks later than all the other interns), I was intimidated.  Though I was intimidated, I eventually came out of my shell and now am pretty good friends with all the other interns.  Moral of the story is be open to meeting new people and try not to be shy, because in the end, who doesn’t love to have more friends?