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My Analytics Called Me Out

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

Ever send a meeting request to someone and have them not respond? You wait, wait, and wait but they never click accept, deny, or tentative? Then, you get to the meeting and they decline because they have something else? Or, they show up and are an active participant? Well… that someone is me. Today, My Analytics (in Office 365) called me out on it and I’m going to take this hard feedback and do better. You can see below that 47% of meeting requests sent to me are not responded to. Not only is ignoring requests a bad practice, it is insulting to the people who sent them because you are telling them they are not important enough to get effective communication from you (or me). So, going forward, my goal is to lower my number of non-responded meeting requests. We’ll see how I do… now, on the flip side… check my calendar before you send me a meeting request because you WILL get a DECLINE! 🙂


Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer