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ServiceNow's Orlando Release: New Agent Workspace Features

Author by Michael Dugan

In case you didn’t know, the Orlando release date is nearing! I’m always eager to learn what’s included with changes or new features for each release, and I’m extremely excited to hear that Agent Workspace is receiving a variety of well-deserved updates. If you’re eager to learn and have a developer instance through the Developer program, consider upgrading so you can become familiar with these changes.

I’d like to highlight a few features that stick out to me with the upcoming Orlando release, and all of these features stem from the Agent Workspace application:

Can’t find Agent Workspace?

That’s because it has been repackaged into a new application menu named “Workspace Experience”. Find out what roles, filters, and link types are involved by navigating to the sys_app_application table and searching for “Workspace Experience”. Note that any administration to the Workspace Experience area must be done in the Agent Workspace application scope.


Custom Logo

Having this as a feature is a no brainer to me, and I’m thrilled that it’s finally here. Every now and then when I head out to the Agent Workspace, it has such a friendly look-and-feel that it makes me think of the Service Portal. You can now replace the ServiceNow logo with one of your own! ServiceNow does a great job mentioning that the custom image should not be larger than 120KB, and that it will be displayed at a height of 24 pixels with a maximum width of 400 pixels. While it may have some sizing limitations, this is a huge step forward for allowing businesses to place their brand in the area where their agents will be working out of the most.


Custom Branding

Getting tired of the theme within the Agent Workspace? Don’t worry, CSS skills are not required here. ServiceNow provides two properties in Orlando; “Brand color 1” will update the header color and “Brand color 2” will be applied in key areas. What I’ve noticed so far is that the Brand color 2 will be seen in the list categories on the left, as a background color when hovering over icons, and is found around the contextual menu when clicking on your user avatar in the top-right.


Custom Landing Pages

This is a feature that leverages Now components to provide your agents with a looking-in view of what needs to be worked on. If you find that the default landing page does not meet your needs or that you are looking for more specific information, the UI Builder will allow an administrator to set up a custom landing page to convey information through widgets/reports:


(Photo credit from ServiceNow’s “Creating custom landing pages for workspaces” article)

Form Annotations Supported

Annotations (AKA: labels) are now supported, as of Orlando. This is a huge step forward for customers who are looking to customize their form to provide context/clarity around specific fields. In the past, a UI policy script to show a field message seemed to be the only option that would provide something close to this.


Supported Field Types

There have been some enhancements made to the Agent Workspace for supported field types. What’s great about this is there are new field types that can be added to the workspace for agents to interact with, but not every field type is supported (nothing new here). I did notice that ServiceNow added a feature that informs the user that the field type is not supported when it has been placed out on the form:


In New York and earlier builds of ServiceNow, it wasn’t very clear if the field type was supported as it wouldn’t show to begin with out on the form – which caused some confusion overall. See the following link for a list of supported fields in Workspace form panes for Orlando:

Want more?

Check out ServiceNow’s release notes for the Orlando release by clicking on the following link:


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Michael Dugan

Senior Systems Engineer

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