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Updating the anonymous chat record producer in ServiceNow

Author by John Hennen

When a user requests an anonymous chat they are presented with a form:


This form is a record producer called "What can we help you with?".  It is possible to update the anonymous chat configuration to use a different record producer but I find it easiest to update the existing one.  The primary reason for this is the out of box record producer has a custom configuration that allows it to be used without logging in to the instance. 

To edit the record producer, open it up like you would any other and modify it to meet your needs.  Keep in mind - the record producer script and catalog client script are set up to work based on the out-of-box configuration.  If you change the variables you likely will have to change one or both of those.  

Let's consider a basic scenario: disabling the CAPTCHA.  These are the steps you would have to take:

  1. Disable the Captcha variable
  2. In the record producer script comment out line 4 and lines 64 - 67




There are many other customizations you can make to anonymous chat to meet your needs and we are here to help.  If you are looking for assistance with your Customer Service Management deployment in ServiceNow contact us today!




John Hennen

Managing Architect