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Modernizing and Automating IT Asset Management with ServiceNow

Author by Jacob Hays

2020 marked a historic period of digital acceleration. Organizations had to adjust operations and quickly establish secure, scalable remote work environments to ensure continued customer engagement. Some organizations struggled while others thrived. The difference? The organizations succeeding despite challenging marketplace conditions are those that have embraced change and technology to succeed in this new normal.

If you think about the challenges of providing service amidst rapidly changing marketplace conditions and the resulting downward pressure applied on IT departments, it should come as no surprise that the ServiceNow platform has continued to increase in importance. For many organizations, the platform is the go-to solution for IT Service Management (ITSM). However, customers invested in the platform are leveraging it well beyond ITSM to reduce IT costs and mitigate risk at this particularly challenging time. In this blog, I take a closer look at ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM) including how it can help your organization stay productive while keeping your technology assets accessible and efficient.


ServiceNow ITAM is designed to help manage and modernize your software, hardware, and configuration database programs to maintain productive systems within your organization. In short, ITAM helps automate, simplify, and reduce costs while providing the ability to scale based on your business needs.

ITAM runs on one platform for accessibility and makes workflows connected and collaboration seamless. Workflows are intuitive to automate asset management processes, and the IT optimization reduces risks that may otherwise arise.



ITAM can be further broken down into three subsets that focus on particular pain points that your organization may be going through and finds solutions to them through asset management.

  1. Hardware Asset Management

Hardware is an IT necessity, but how you manage these physical assets can significantly impact costs and IT operations. Hardware asset management allows you to:

  • Have end-to-end IT asset visibility
  • Accelerate asset workflows with automation
  • Reduce asset costs and risks, minimizing waste and enabling compliance

 Here’s a look at the ServiceNow IT Asset Management dashboard:


  1. Software Asset Management

Held on a single platform, Software Asset Management within ServiceNow ITAM provides an array of features to ensure your software is digestible and manageable to fit your organization’s needs.

       Key features include:

  • Software Spend Detection
  • License Workbench
  • Publisher Packs and SaaS License Management
  • Software Asset Connections
  • License Change Projections

Software Asset Management will help you get business outcomes faster, mitigate risk, and reduce costs of software spend. Here’s a look at the ServiceNow license management dashboard:


  1. Configuration Management Database

The third and final component within ITAM is the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), which stores both your hardware and software assets. This database acts as a data warehouse to store information and identifies how each of the assets relate to or interact with one another, which helps your IT department better understand your IT environment as it relates to business service impact analysis, asset management, compliance, and configuration management.

It provides a single system of record for infrastructure and supports fact-based decision making for business-critical IT services. Other CMDB features include data health and certification (with a dashboard for clear visibility) and visualization of your reports all within a single system.

      Here’s a look at the data visualization available within the CMDB:


As you can see, ServiceNow ITAM offers a robust solution to help you optimize hardware, software and cloud costs while reducing organizational risk and the need to do so will only continue to grow in importance.


Concurrency has the expertise needed to help maximize your ServiceNow investment. From ITSM to ITAM, your organization can leverage the platform to drive productivity, wherever your employees are. To learn more about how ServiceNow can benefit your organization, email