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The Softer Side of Concurrency Series - Part 2: Let’s Celebrate

Author by Heather LaPorte

Why should we celebrate? Victories, accomplishments, and hard work all come to mind. Concurrency has had a lot to celebrate year after year. We’ve received many awards, gained many clients, achieved fourteen Microsoft competencies, and completed multitudes of successful projects, to mention a few. None of this is possible without the amazing employees we have and their passionate, driven, and competitive nature. So, throughout the year we want to celebrate all our successes!

One of the biggest celebrations we had was the grand opening of our Brookfield Headquarters building. It marked the fast and enormous growth of our organization. We literally had outgrown our last building. As we began being creative with our old work space, Jim Savage was already out scouting for a new building investment. We found the perfect spot in Bishops Woods, Brookfield. We gutted the place, and from that was created one of “Milwaukee’s Coolest Offices”. After getting settled in, we invited employees, families, customers and everyone we knew to come celebrate with us. There were food trucks, cocktails, a tent, a DJ, office tours and HoloLens demo experiences!


We celebrate in each of our locations, in addition to celebrating together as a company. Our Chicago location has gotten together over the summer for different events over the years, including Great America. This year, our New VP of Sales and Marketing, Bill Topel, opened up his home to have a good ole’ fashioned bar-b-que and picnic. Employees brought their families, where the kiddos could have hours of fun on the bouncy houses and inflatables, and where they could mingle with co-workers and eat fantastic food.


Minnesota enjoyed two years running with a boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka. Again, this was an employee and family event. Although we have run into some sketchy weather, everyone still came together for a few hours to connect, meet everyone’s family, and enjoy food and drink as they cruised the lake.


An event close to my heart, as I have planned it over the last three years, is our Golf outing. Each year we don our knickers and golf shoes to shoot a few holes for some competitive fun. You may think the knickers are a joke, but I have pictures of several people who take their golf that seriously. We golf at Geneva National, a renowned golf course in Lake Geneva, that sits between our Brookfield and Chicago offices. This year we had a group from Minnesota that made a road trip to join us! We have had the pleasure to play on all their courses over the last four years. We do fun games, which include contests for longest drive, closest to the pin and longest putt. All levels of golfers are welcome and some even are quite proud of coming in last, and the prize that goes with it.


Over the last five years, we have put on a huge Holiday party to celebrate the last year. The location has been in Lake Geneva at a few different venues. This is a chance for our employees and their significant others to have a night out to be pampered. There is food and drink, a DJ or band with dancing, photo booths, and plenty of awards to recognize all the victories, accomplishments and hard work throughout the year.

We can’t forget happy hours. Each location has their own tradition on how and when this happens. Minnesota does this after their regional meeting, Chicago does it at a restaurant bar each month, and Brookfield has its own beer thirty on Fridays. In fact, we have an official “Cicerone”, and rumor has it, there will be a plaque for him!


We don’t want to forget our clients ever, so we also celebrate with them! This past year we had several customer appreciation events. In Minnesota, we enjoyed a Saints baseball game, in a suite with food and drink. In Chicago, we enjoyed a Cubs game on a Wriggly rooftop across from the field. In Brookfield, we had our 8th annual Zoo outing. This event is our largest customer appreciation event. We rent a picnic area, where employees, customers and everyone’s families enjoy face painting, a band and drinks. When the wild calls, everyone ventures out into the zoo, to enjoy the animals, the food vendors from all over Milwaukee, and the bands that play throughout the zoo. This has been such a wonderful event, we even have some families that join us, even if the employee themselves can’t make it, because who doesn’t love the zoo?


There are so many ways to celebrate, and we do more events than I can write about in this short account, some of which include anniversary breakfasts, summer grill outs, chili cook offs, and cookie exchanges. We work hard, but we make time to come together, mingle with our co-workers, get to know their families and celebrate with all the people we work so hard for!