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Microsoft Band Development

Author by Carl Schweitzer

There are multiple ways that you can develop for the Microsoft Band. Webtiles are one of the simplest if you want to send a notification from a backing web feed. There is the native Band SDK to allow you to integrate your iOS, Android, or Windows application with the Band itself. And finally there is the Cloud API that lets you interact with the cloud synced data that the band provides.

The MS Dev Show has for a long time had a Band Webtile to provide notifications on new episodes and show the episode description when you tap into it. This works with our existing podcast rss feed. The webtile is a zip package contains some metadata in a simple json format, including a reference to the rss feed, and a few images. There is even a web-based authoring tool for webtiles that the Band team maintains.

The Band SDK allows you to provide a myriad of experiences on all of the major platforms. You can use the SDK to receive data from all of the sensors, update the Band UI, and even receive events when your app is not running. There is a lot you can do in the spheres of communications, productivity and health with the Band SDK.

Finally, all of the health data that is generated from a Band is automatically sent to the Microsoft Health Dashboard. This data can be accessed via the Cloud API. Apps can be written for Windows, or in Javascript.

We talk about all of this and more on this week’s episode of the MS Dev Show with Microsoft Band Lead Program Manager Ali Avi.