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Concurrency Data and Analytics Internship

Hi! My name is Chance Alexander, and this blog post will entail the experiences and responsibilities within Concurrency's internship program on the data and analytics team.

Chance Alexander by Chance Alexander

RIP @sqlsoldier

Today I learned that Robert Davis, aka @sqlsoldier, passed away. Among other things, Robert literally wrote the book on SQL Server mirroring. I met him briefly at SQL Saturday Oregon, but interacted with him frequently via the #sqlhelp hashtag. He was often one of the first people to reply to my many questions about the […]

Frank Gill by Frank Gill

PowerShell Function to Automate Availability Group Failover

I’ve been working with Availability Groups (AG) since their release in SQL Server 2012 and have always wanted to leverage PowerShell to administer them.  Recently I received a request to develop an automated process for failing Availability Groups over gracefully prior to server patching.  Believe it or not, but a hard shutdown of the primary […]

Frank Gill by Frank Gill

TSQL Tuesday #96: Folks Who Have Made a Difference

I started working as a SQL Server DBA in November of 2007. In November of 2010, I attended my second PASS Summit in Seattle. At the time I was working for a large insurance company, and our Microsoft sales rep had scheduled a dinner for my team at 6pm. The afternoon of the dinner, I […]

Frank Gill by Frank Gill

Validate SQL Server Database Mail Settings

In my last post, I shared a script to automate the migration of SQL Server Database Mail settings. In this post, I show how to send test e-mails from all Database Mail profiles on an instance. The migration I was working on contained 21 Database Mail profiles. The following script will send a test e-mail […]

Frank Gill by Frank Gill

Migrating SQL Server Database Mail Settings

This week, I was working on a migration for a client.  The migration was moving databases from a stand-alone instance to a two-node Availability Group.  When it came to moving the Database Mail settings, I discovered they had 21 sets of profiles and accounts.  Not wanting to manually create 42 Database Mail profiles, I set […]

Frank Gill by Frank Gill

Return SQL Server Context Settings from sys.query_context_settings

Today, I attended Erin Stellato’s (b|t) precon session Solving Common Performance Problems Using Query Store. In her presentation, Erin showed that the same query text can return multiple results in Query Store if the context settings for the queries are different. The context settings can be found in the sys.query_context_settings DMV in the set_options column. […]

Frank Gill by Frank Gill

Installing SQL Server on a Domain Controller: What You need to know

SQL Server can often be a very high strung application that has many requirements and best practices to follow.  Sometimes hosting several services on one server is necessary with smaller or very lean organizations.  Today, we look at the information you need to be aware of when concurrently running SQL Server on a Domain Controller.

Nick Adams by Nick Adams