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CRM Permission Eccentricities: Qualify a Lead

It seems that at least a couple times a month I find myself troubleshooting some odd CRM Permission Eccentricities, which usually involve a series of binary trial and error searches through the permissions to try and narrow down the area in the Security Role that’s needed. Assuming these types of issues keep arising, I’ll keep writing about them in hopes that this can become a series of posts to clarify the minimum permissions needed for specific actions in CRM. Today’s eccentricity will focus on when a user needs to Qualify a Lead.

Dan Fink by Dan Fink

CRM Permission Eccentricities: Why Can't I Remove Members from a Team?

The security model in Dynamics CRM is indeed complicated, and in many cases, that complexity provides needed features. There are occasions however in which the intertwined intricacies of Dynamics CRM’s security make you take a step back and think “Wow, I would never have guessed that is what was causing the problem.” One of these such cases arose when trying to find out why a user with a specific Security Role could add users to a Team, but could not remove them from the Team.

Dan Fink by Dan Fink

Using "People" as a currency in CRM

On a recent project, my customer tracked all their sales activities by how many people they impacted instead of how many dollars were generated. This is a standard xRM practice but in most cases, mon...

Concurrency Blog by Concurrency Blog

Azure AD Connect General Availability Announced

Last week Microsoft announced the General Availability of Azure AD Connect. With this release all existing Azure AD and Office 365 customers should start planning their upgrade of their existing directory synchronization tools to Azure AD Connect.

Bill Hughes by Bill Hughes

Modern IT Management Defined: DevOps, ITIL, Cloud, Agile, or All of the Above?

What if I told you that you had to take your management platforms and start over, but this time you needed to plan for the next generation of how you'd work with your teams.  What if I told you that you needed to re-address how you dealt with your operational lifecycle, development, and release management.  This is what my team and I did over the last several months.  We decided that we'd look at what the management landscape will look like years from now and apply those concepts to the tools being released by Microsoft for the cloud-centric world. 

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski