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MD-100 Training Links and Resources

The Microsoft MD-100 is a test for Deploying, Managing, Configuring, and Maintaining Windows devices. The purpose of this post is to consolidate relevant information to help others pass this test.

Jack Bumgarner by Jack Bumgarner

Top 10 Ways to Secure your Azure Environment – Part 1 of 2

Recently I finished off a 10-part series on the top mistakes to avoid when getting started in Azure. I’d like to complement that content with a follow-up pair of posts focused specifically on security. My objective here is to provide a quick-reference checklist you can use to maximize security benefits from the beginning.

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Reasons to avoid third party portal in front of Azure

I often am asked, “should I put a third party portal in front of my Azure or multi-cloud environment?” They ask for a good reason, they want to achieve control of their cloud environment and help their organization to make good decisions. It often comes from organizations who have a self-service portal in their on-premise environment and want to achieve the same ‘efficiencies’ in their cloud environment. There are a lot of reasons why people go down this route, but it is NOT a good idea. In fact, deploying a portal in front of your public cloud is a common anti-pattern that companies should avoid. Here are some of the reasons to avoid this approach.

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski