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Turn the Lights On, Plug into Power BI

As a consumer of products, I am a stickler when I purchase items over a certain amount. I want quality, I want a good price, and I want to know that the company will stand behind the product they sell me. I rarely, if ever, have purchased the latest and greatest thing because, unless it offers something so incredible and I just can’t resist, I usually look at last year’s model. It will typically have tested metrics, it has reviews by many users, and if updateable – fixes and updates provided by the manufacturer. And more often than not, it’s much cheaper because a premium is generally charged for the newest features. I have typically dealt with software purchases and adoption using this same approach, and rarely come across something that falls into the “must have” category. So why am I boring you with how I purchase things? I’m doing it to outline the fact that I am not the guy that needs the latest shiny thing or the “jump on the bandwagon” type of individual.

Seth Bauer by Seth Bauer