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The Known and Theoretical Future Uses of ChatGPT in ChatGPT’s Own Words 

I am sure that most of you in the tech sector have heard by now of ChatGPT.  It has been in the news recently as being able to pass exams from the Wharton School of Business and the University of Minnesota Law School.  These examples and many others including the potential to be able to cheat on exams or school papers (or even blogs, …cough), have created a lot of hype for one of Microsoft’s newly acquired products.  But what are ChatGPTs potential uses?  Why don’t we let ChatGPT tell us?  The following is word for word what ChatGPT’s response was to: “Write a blog detailing the known and theoretical future uses of ChatGPT.” 

Charles Bates by Charles Bates

Integrating ChatGPT-like Capabilities into Your Business

ChatGPT-like capabilities can make a difference in your business RIGHT NOW.  This is not science fiction, this is science fact and your competitors are reaping the benefits.  Many have felt that AI/ML is an aspirational “someday” goal, but businesses that have invested in targeted efforts are rewarded with real ROI and absolute efficiencies.  This means adopting real-world improvement made possible through commodity AI, data science-oriented initiatives, or even the recently available Open AI service that powers ChatGPT.  Let’s dive in.

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Azure ML How to Get Your Data Moving Using Azure Data Factory

When designing an Azure machine learning solution, one of the most critical decisions is understanding how any Azure machine learning solution pipeline will be executed. In this blog post will talk about how to use datafactory and Azure ML

Jeff Lipkowitz by Jeff Lipkowitz

Top 10 Ignite 2021 Spring Announcements

We had a great conversation on the Top 10 announcements from Microsoft Ignite 2021. We talked about Azure platform, data, AI, Viva, Power Platform, and others.

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Azure ML Seaborn Module Not Found

I was doing some testing in Azure Machine Learning Notebooks and ran into a problem where the module I was looking to use was not working properly. The error I recieved was “ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘seaborn'”. The code I used which resulted in this was: This was relatively easy to correct by opening a […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Manufacturing Transformation

I delivered a video on manufacturing transformation where we talked about ways businesses are using AI/ML, IoT, and data to transform their forecasting, picking, manufacturing, maintenance, and product development practices. Lwin Maung, Brian Haydin and I talked through several scenarios and example companies, as well as the technology involved.

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Workplace Analytics and AI to Optimize Sales Energy

Ever hear that multi-tasking is a fraud? There is always an opportunity cost. When we choose to spend time on one thing, we lose the time from something else. The switching time has a cost, the time spent has a cost, and the choice between alternatives is always present. What we don’t always do is […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Building a Manageable AI Framework on Azure

AI is arguably the most impactful technology development of our generation and has quickly moved from conceptual to immediacy. Organizations are using AI right now to drive measurable business outcomes, innovation and differentiation. It is being used to optimize workforces, and streamline data and processes. 

However, as organizations begin to expand the use of AI, we’ve noticed a common pain point. How do you govern your AI environment to maximize outcomes across your organization and avoid AI “silos” throughout the organization?   

Stephanie Siewert by Stephanie Siewert