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ServiceNow - New York Release New Features - Agent Workspace

Author by John Hennen

Part 1: Remote tables

Welcome to the second post in a series on new features in the New York release of ServiceNow, which is slated for GA in the coming months.  In today's post we will talk about Agent Workspace.

There are a TON of updates to Agent Workspace in New York.  I believe this is the release that will allow "legacy" users to finally make the move in many cases.  The updates I'll talk about in this post are grouped in to three categories.  For each category I'll provide a few screenshots showing some of the functionality.  Note this is not meant to be an in-depth post on how to configure all these items but to give you a taste for what is possible!


  • List UI actions
  • List multi-edit
  • List export
  • List quick edit
  • List group
  • List column filtering

Quick Edit:

ServiceNow Agent Workspace Quick Edit


ServiceNow Agent Workspace Multi-Edit


  • Add highlighted values to the secondary values in the form header
  • Workspace View Rules to control which form view renders for users
  • Add tags to records
  • Uploading file attachments via drop and drop, uploading multiple attachments, and previewing an image attachment before upload

Add highlighted values to secondary values:

ServiceNow Agent Workspace Highlighted Values

ServiceNow Agent Workspace Highlighted Values Result

Landing Page

Finally you can customize the landing page!  It can now contain various widgets/reports and give you a good overview of where things stand before diving in to the details.

ServiceNow Agent Workspace Landing Page

Most of these speak for themselves but it really takes the Agent Workspace from a nice-to-have feature to must-have functionality.  Speaking for myself, I will definitely be further incorporating the Agent Workspace in demos going forward!


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John Hennen

Managing Architect

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