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Reflection on the Internship

Author by Hannah Ignacio

Throughout my time at Concurrency, I have learned so much and grew as a person.  While at Concurrency, I was able to partiipate in many different aspects of the company.  The parts of the company I was able to shadow different projects, work on a repository for solution offerings, and work on the modernization of the ICE hompage.  One of my favorite parts of my internship was shadowing.  I was able to shadow Greg on projects for Duff and Phelps.  Shadowing Greg on these projects was very helpful and informative for me.  It really put me out of my comfort zone and allowed for me to learn about a complex project with a client.  A big lesson Greg taught me that I will not forget is that even if the client wants us to do a project for them, if us doing the project does not add business value or solve a business problem, then we should not do the project.  By doing this, it enables us to gain the trust of the client, which will then lead to the clients giving us more projects in the future.  

Working on the two projects (the solution offering repository and the modernization of the ICE homepage) was a great learning experience throughout the internship.  Being able to add value to the company by working on these projects was very rewarding.  Kurt told us that throughout our internship we need to be constantly learning and adding value.  I felt that these projects allowed for me to do both. I was learning what it's like to help lead projects that will have an impact on the company as a whole.  

Overall, my internship as a whole has been a great learning experience.  I am thankful for this experience and grateful to have this opportunity.