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Watch “Level Up Your SQL Server Index Knowledge”!

Author by Concurrency Blog

If there is a magic trick that can speed up queries in SQL Server – without changing application code or giving the server more hardware – it most likely involves an index. Adding the right index is a little bit of science and a lot of knowledge about how your database is being used.

Knowing the basics about SQL Server indexes will help you be a better developer. In my video, Level Up Your SQL Server Index Knowledge, I cover:

  • The difference between a heap and a clustered index
  • The difference between a clustered index and a primary key
  • What is a nonclustered index?
  • Using key and include columns in a nonclustered index
  • Queries to see what indexes already exist, how much they’re being used, and what indexes SQL Server wants you to add

Check it out! Have questions? Feel free to contact me and ask! I’d love to help your applications and queries work smarter, and faster!


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