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Concurrency + ServiceNow = Success!!

Author by Matt Smith

Over the course of my life within IT I have had the opportunity to work with numerous technology solutions that seek to achieve the infamous business transformal – shift the IT organization from a run the firm to one which is solution oriented and delivers a high amount of business value. I would boil down where many of them fall short  into two camps: a) The technology solution was sound but the understanding of the business problem that was being solved was not b) The business problem that was being solved was crystal clear but the technology solution fell short.

In the case of the technology solution being sound but the business problem not being well understood it didn’t matter how sound the technology was.  Without clarity around the current and desired state, business value desired, and how success will be measured a technology solution is destined to not live up to it’s potential.  Many times organizations overlook this key to success on projects.  This is where Concurrency excels and has built long tenured relationships with our customers.  We know the best way to tackle up front this definition of the business problem, have done this for many years for our clients within the Microsoft space, and more recently in the last few years have transcended into the ServiceNow space as well.

In the case of the business problem being well understood but the technology falling short it is many times due to an uninformed or misguided choice of one vendor over the other which leads to landing with a technology solution which misses the mark.  This is where ServiceNow excels, has the market cornered, and is revolutionizing the technology space.  Where many other solutions started their lives as a help desk ticketing system and at some point in the past may have successfully shifted into the ITSM space they struggle to help evolve an IT organization beyond that.  ServiceNow on the other hand has it figured out within their ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, and CSM product offerings.  Each natively interact with each other, are built with the flexibility to help transform an organization to their desired future state, and empower a consulting organization like Concurrency to help a customer unleash business transformation!  Think of a new age ERP type platform driving your IT organization.

Why are ServiceNow and Concurrency important components in your business transformation?  Concurrency has deep expertise and a track record of guiding our customers on how to define the business problem they are seeking to solve, their desired future state, and how to measure success.   We then shift quickly into leveraging a blended team of both Concurrency and customer technical experts to deliver the technology!

ServiceNow is the best solution on the block as it relates to IT transformation and providing the necessary transparency and automation to achieve business success.  Concurrency’s track record of partnering with our customers to drive towards business transformation, is unparalleled.  Couple that capability with the value of the ServiceNow platform and it’s an unprecedented combination!  At Concurrency, I'm a firm believer that we are best positioned to work with your organization to seize the business outcomes you seek within ServiceNow.

I would love to catch up if this peaks your interest.  If you have any further questions around our offerings within the ServiceNow practice at Concurrency please feel to contact us.

Thanks for reading!

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