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Helpful SharePoint URLs & Site Locations

Author by Christian Urena

If you're like me and you can't keep track of the numerous times you have had to jump to specific site locations or look at lists that are hidden within SharePoint, then this list of URLs will be a game changer. Below is a list of URLs that will come in handy for any SharePoint Admin or Power User when navigating to different SharePoint locations.




Site Settings


Site Contents


Save Site as a Template


View All People


View People and Groups




Workflow Health


Workflow History (Hidden)


Create New Site items


Manage Site Collection Admin Permissions


View Sites and Workspaces


Manage User Permissions


Recycle Bin


Second-Stage Recycle Bin (w/ Admin Permissions)


Manage Site Content and Structure


Manage Site Content Types


Manage Site Columns


Quick Launch Settings


Navigation Settings


Web Analytics Reports (Site Usage Summary)


Manage Site Collection Features


Manage Site Features


Application page for registering SP Apps


Sign in as a different user


Enable SharePoint Designer


Welcome Page


Change Site Master Page


Page Layouts and Site Templates


Force Display the User Profile in the Site Collection


Site App Permissions


List Template Gallery


Master Page Gallery


Solution Gallery


Web Part Gallery


Get SharePoint Server Version


Taxonomy List (Hidden)


Quick Deploy Items


Web Part Maintenance Page


Filter Toolbar (For Lists and Libraries)


Load Ribbon Tab (In a Document Library or List)


Show Page in a Dialog


Display List in Grid View (In Document Library or List)


Open Page in Edit Mode



Having this list handy will save you a lot of time and head scratching when trying to remember how to access that one hidden list or how to get to that one location you were at a few days ago. Hope this list comes in handy and saves you time when browsing SharePoint!