Concurrency Builds B2C E-commerce Microsite for Duff & Phelps

Duff & Phelps regularly publishes a valuation handbook, called U.S. Guide to Cost of Capital. Corporate finance professionals use the handbook to valuate cost of capital from individual securities and capital projects to mergers and acquisitions. The handbook was traditionally only available in paper format as were the client’s other financial related publications.
Duff & Phelps wanted to digitally transform the 30 years’ worth of data they had compiled into a series of cost of capital handbooks and approached Concurrency to help find a solution.
Concurrency worked closely with the client team to transform a business area from annual book publishing and data sharing to a digital solution to allow customers to access tools, content, and data through a cloud web app, called Navigator. Concurrency leveraged Microsoft Azure B2C to enable customer self-service identity management to reduce Duff & Phelps support costs.  The solution includes an e-commerce microsite that enabled the client to sell directly to customers via a subscription model they were not able to reach before.
D&P also realized they needed to make an unexpected external organizational change. They had to educate and train their customers, traditional valuators, on how to use the new digital platform. Most were so used to accessing the data through printed handbooks.

The client also began to provide access to their other financial publications through Navigator via print on demand. This digital change to their distribution allowed them to eliminate the need for outside resources such as publishers and printers, thus lowering their costs and increasing their margins, as well as increasing their overall revenue stream.


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