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Lync Performance Counters

Have you wondered how to get the current active call counts for a Lync server?  What about the quantity of calls going through a mediation server?  Here are a few tips that should help you out.


A colleague of mine recently turned me onto an awesome PowerShell command called “Get-CSWindowsService”.  The command grabs the current call and conference counts from the Lync deployment and provides it as output.

Here is an example:


Status   Name            ActivityLevel

——   —-            ————-

Running  MASTER

Running  REPLICA

Running  RTCSRV          Incoming Requests per Second=0,Messages In Server=8…

Running  RTCCAA          Concurrent Calls=0

Running  RTCCAS          Concurrent Conferences=1

Running  RTCRGS          Current Active Calls=0

Running  RTCCPS          Total Parked Calls=0

Running  RTCATS          Current Active Calls=0

Running  RTCIMMCU        Active Conferences=2,Connected Users=3

Running  RTCDATAMCU      Active Conferences=2

Running  RTCAVMCU        Number of Conferences=2,Number of Users=3

Running  RTCASMCU        Active Conferences=2,Connected Users=0

Running  RTCMEDSRV       Current Outbound Calls=0,Current Inbound Calls=2,Cu…

Running  RTCMEETINGMCU   Active Conferences=0

Running  FTA

PS C:>


Pretty neat stuff.  Here is the online reference:  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg398803.aspx

How do I get all the performance counters for Lync?

Get-Counter -ListSet “LS:*” | Select-Object CounterSetName, Description | Format-List

Here is some usage (in this case for Mediation Server Inbound Calls):

Get-Counter -Counter “LS:MediationServer – 01 – inbound Calls(_total)- 000 – Current”

Want a continuous run? Add the “-Continuous” tag

Get-Counter -Counter “LS:MediationServer – 01 – inbound Calls(_total)- 000 – Current” -Continuous

Here are some good external references:



Hopefully this helps you out!

Nathan Lasnoski



Nathan Lasnoski is the Director of Concurrency’s Infrastructure Practice, a Datacenter MVP and a recognized leader in Core Infrastructure Design, SharePoint Infrastructure, Virtualization, and Unified Communications technologies.

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