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Hierarchical List Support in SCSM 2012 SP1 Self-Service Portal: Easter Egg

A slightly “hidden” feature in Service Manager 2012 SP1 is hierarchical list support in the Self-Service Portal drop downs.  What are we talking about?  If you had configured a list picker with sub-items, they would be incorrectly displayed as a full, non-hierarchical list.  In Service Manager 2012 SP1 this issue has been addressed and the list now shows correctly.  This is a welcome change, as it allows for much longer and more useful lists to be displayed in the self-service portal in a friendly way.

You can see in the list below that the list picker shows the top item (Applications) and the sub item (SharePoint) in the hierarchy properly.  You can open and close an item by using the “twisty tie”, which is great for allowing users to discover various areas.

0. List View

Here is the list of fixes in SCSM 2012 SP1 (this one is #111):





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